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Below is an ASP Select Case example that only checks for integer values. Later we will show how to check for strings. ASP Code: Dim myNum myNum 5 Select Case myNum Case 2 Response. Поддержка расширения Atheros Super G в сетевых адаптерах D-Link на данный момент присутствует только в. DWL-G650 (PCMCI ) и DWL-G520 (PCI). При написании этого обзора был использован адаптер. DWL-G650. Исполнение Точка доступа выполнена в качественном металлическом корпусе с двумя антеннами на тыльной стороне. She has won three (3) Academy Awards (Oscars all of them for acting:. Best Actress in a Leading Role for: Sophie's Choice (1982). Best Actress in a Supporting Role for: Kramer vs. Indicate the point of your paper but avoid sentence structures like, The point of my paper is. Is your thesis statement specific? Your thesis statement should be as clear and specific as possible. Si a esto sumamos los horarios en que suelen darse estas reuniones, probablemente tampoco se tendr la oportunidad de dormir un mnimo de 8 horas recomendadas, ni de obtener un descanso reparador para el buen funcionamiento fisiolgico.

She told me that she liked my biography of her father. I'd got him right most of the time, although I had failed to understand his capacity to hate. 'It destroyed us all in the end she said.

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Write myNum is Two Case 3 Response. Write myNum is Three Case 5 Response. Write myNum is Five Case Else Response. Write myNum is " myNum) End Select Display: myNum is Five.
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