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Mama feels terrible because of this, because she wasn't able to give her children a great life. The next question to poem asks is, "Or fester like a sore- and then run?" That connects to Beneatha Younger. Raisin (rezn) n (Cookery) a dried grape C13: from Old French: grape, ultimately from Latin racmus cluster of grapes; compare Greek rhax berry, grape raisiny adj raisin (re zn) n. a grape of any of various sweet varieties dried in the sun or. The following question is, "Does it stink like rotten meat?" This connects to Walter Younger. He resorts to alcohol to solve his problems. He goes to the Green Hat, the bar in town frequently when he is stressed, like after he lost all. In the play at various points, the Youngers family constantly was weakened by the hard work they did for white people. They were stressed and overtired, which resulted in Walter collapsing in front of the family and Ruth fainting. Raisin (rzn) n. 1. A sweet grape dried either in the sun or by artificial means. 2. A deep brownish purple. Middle English, from Old French, grape, from Vulgar Latin racmus, from Latin racmus, bunch of grapes.

13501400; Middle English raisin, reisin Old French Vulgar Latin racmus, for Latin racmus cluster (of fruit) raisiny, adj. raisin currant - Developed from Middle English raison of Corauntz, "a raisin of Corinth from where the fruit came.

Raisin in the sun meaning
She is angered by the lifestyle she has. She doesn't like being poor or having a family that works for white people. To try to solve her problems, she wants to "run" off to medical school and rebells against her mother in the.
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