An American Tragedy by Thomas Powers The New York Review

Biography - Edward Teller, : Father of the Hydrogen

The letter urged the need for an atomic weapons program.  Szilard decided to visit Einstein at his summer home near New York City.  But Szilard could not drive a car, so he asked his friend Teller to drive them to Einstein's home. Einstein signed the letter.  It led to a secret American program to develop an atomic bomb.  This program was called the Manhattan Project. To carry out the program, the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory was secretly established in the southwestern state of New Mexico. He wanted to get American officials interested in such a program.  He decided to seek help from the world's most famous scientist, Albert Einstein. In nineteen thirty-nine, Szilard prepared a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt for Einstein to sign.

By that time, the war in Europe was over. The Germans had never come close to creating an atomic bomb. But the war with Japan continued.  In an effort to end the war, United States planes dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities.

Edward teller biography i survived full episodes
J. Robert Oppenheimer wanted his team of scientists to develop an atomic bomb, not a hydrogen bomb.  The Manhattan project succeeded in developing the world's first atomic bomb. Its energy came from splitting the nuclei of uranium atoms.
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