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Jerry Uelsmann (born 1934) Bloomington, Indiana 1958 Gelatin

DPP: Are there some darkroom supplies that are tough to find these days? Uelsmann: Its not too difficult; theyre just at a higher price. B H is the big supplier, and the interesting thing is the myth thats out there that the older. They produced a wonderful book/catalog for the exhibit. DPP: What type of enlargers are you using? Uelsmann: Saunders LPL 4550XL enlargers. They have variable contrast heads. They give me the control I need because I frequently do contrast dodging. Fairly frequently, Ill leave all the negatives in the enlargers, then the next day, when I look at the print, Ill think of another option, either a better way of printing the image or an additional element that could be added. Im 81 years old now. Whatever the images are, I just try to work authentically. Rarely does the image come completely together when Im looking at contact sheets. In some cases, Im in a sense making the same image over the last 60. I have all these resources from negatives that Ive taken over many years, as well as recent shoots such as the one I did in Central Park while I was in New York for the AIPAD show.

So, if you bear that in mind as you look through my new retrospective book, you can see where theres often a simpatico feeling between images that are laid out opposite each other.

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Then Im dodging the one side so it gradually blends into the other. On my website in the press section, there are links to videos of me working in the darkroom.
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