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A Case Study On Autism: School Accommodations And Inclusive

Even Jamie seems to enjoy using the PECS communication book with his younger brother. Mrs. Penny reported that Tommy throws fewer tantrums and seems calmer during the school day. She also noticed that Tommy has started to use the communication book with the. He rarely listens to Mrs. Penny and has difficulty interacting with the six other students in his class. At home, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have noticed that Tommy loses his temper more frequently since their move to Springfield last year. Back to Top Outcome The Johnsons are very pleased with Tommys progress with PECS. Tommy now has a way to communicate with and to request things from other people. The Johnsons feel that their two older sons are beginning to establish better relationships. Although the Lovaas method provides intensive one-on-one contact with a therapist, this strategy seemed to provide little interaction with peers. The Johnsons felt that Tommy needed to develop better social skills to relate to other young people.

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Last month, Tommy complete Phase 3 of PECS, called discrimination training. This phase was most difficult for Tommy. He needed to learn to choose between pictures of different objects. At first, the specialist started with one picture of a desired object and one.

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When Tommy handed her the picture of the ball, she praised him by saying, "Great job, Tommy. You want the ball!" and quickly gave him the ball to play with. At first, the physical prompter helped Tommy move toward the communicative partner.
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