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Canada cold war essay

We disagreed in going to Vietnam, but maintained friendly with the US as we still made trades back and forth. We were able to get out of the ventures USA was sending to because we came up with the idea of peacekeeping. What role do you think Canada played as a Middle power during the Cold War and how did this shape our relationship in the Global Community? After World War II, Canada emerged as a world power, and ended up with a strong sense. We didn't focus on affecting people's foreign p This Essay is Approved by Our Editor. Essays Related to Canada in the Cold War). Our military was focused mainly on peacekeeping, and were used by other countries. Our soldiers were sent to keep peace while negotiating was happening in areas where war hadn't broken out yet. Being a middle power didn't mean we were a country with no power at all. In fact we had a powerful military, we just didn't use it to attack other countries.

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We joined la Francophonie (French colonies British Commonwealth, and Pan American Congress. We were also a part of Red Cross, NATO, NORAD, United Nations, Royal Bank and G8. We never took sides during the war, as we would be asked numerous amounts of.

Canada and the cold war essay
Our role as a middle power in the cold war shaped our relationship in the global community. Unlike the United States and the Soviet Union, we were not a superpower. At this time, the world was referred to as a bipolar world because.
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