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They named him Genghis Khan or "ruler of all". A Brilliant General. Genghis was a brilliant general. He organized his soldiers into groups of 1000 called "gurans". They trained each day on battlefield tactics and used smoke signals, flags, and drums to send. He wanted to exact revenge over these people for their treatment of the Mongols. By 1215 he had captured Yanjing (Beijing) the capital city of the Jin and the Mongols ruled over the northern part of China. Another warrior took up the role as khan and kicked Temujin and his family from the tribe. They barely survived by themselves. Temujin was not one to give up, however. He helped his family to survive the first horrible winter and then began.

He decimated their army and executed their leaders. He then began to conquer his enemy Mongol tribes. He knew the Mongols needed to unite. After conquering his greatest enemies, the other Mongol tribes agreed to ally and follow Temujin.

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He also used innovative tactics on the battlefield. Sometimes he would send in a small force and the have them retreat. When the enemy charged after the smaller force they would soon find themselves surrounded by a horde of Mongol warriors.
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