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Bahrain. The State of Kuwait was annexed, and. Saddam Hussein announced a few days later that it was the 19th province of Iraq. Contents 1 Dispute over the financial debt 2 Alleged economic warfare and slant drilling 3 Iraqi hegemonic claims 4 IraqiAmerican. 19 It was estimated that between 19, Iraq lost US14 billion a year due to Kuwait's oil price strategy. 23 Kuwait's refusal to decrease its oil production was viewed by Iraq as an act of aggression against it. Mesopotamia is a particularly fertile agricultural zone with vast areas available for cultivation. Northern Mesopotamia receives enough rainfall to grow grain crops, while southern Mesopotamia receives virtually no rain, so agriculture there depended on extensive networks of irrigation canals. Gulf War and the setting alight by Iraq of 600 Kuwaiti oil wells. In 1990 Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing Iraqi petroleum through slant drilling, although some Iraqi sources indicated. Saddam Hussein 's decision to attack Kuwait was made a few months before. In the first of these zones, the Nile River flows northward through the Sahara Desert from Khartoum in Sudan (where its two major tributaries join through Egypt, and to the Mediterranean Sea.

By the time the IranIraq War ended, Iraq was not in a financial position to repay the US14 billion it borrowed from Kuwait to finance its war and requested that Kuwait forgive the debt.

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24 During the IranIraq War, Iraqi oil drilling operations in Rumaila declined while Kuwait's operations increased. In 1989, Iraq accused Kuwait of using "advanced drilling techniques" to exploit oil from its share of the Rumaila field.
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