Modesto Breast Augmentation FAQ by Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto

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Cut on the Dotted Line : A blogger in quest of a career as a Christian surgeon shares thoughts on that journey. High Tech Surgeon : A simple commentary on areas of interest to this surgeon. The Angry Medic : The Angry Medic is an idiot who got into Cambridge University by virtue of his unusually attractive eyelashes. Now, this angered medic is situated in a top London teaching hospital. Surgeon accessibility: Patients can receive access to Dr. Wu 24/7 via cell phone. Emphasis on reducing pain: She has ready access to pain reducing techniques.  Dr. Lee works in the office and routinely performs pain reducing acupuncture on many other patients.  She has run 2 marathons in the past, several 10K's and half marathons.  With her interest in athletics, she is well qualified to discuss any changes or concerns in chest muscles function with breast augmentation. She is a musician and pianist: She is mainly self taught on the piano. It gives her a chance to improve on her dexterity skills which translate into extreme precision in the operating room when performing breast augmentations. 

Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon.  We hope that future patients and their families would benefit from these commonly asked questions.  As a disclaimer, the below does not substitute for advice obtained personally from a plastic surgeon and a professional consultation. 

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Visit her popular website for running with breast implants - a runner's guide to choosing and maintaining breast implants. She is an expert with breast surgery. She performs not only breast augmentation surgery and breast augmentation revisions, she also performs breast reductions, breast.
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