Research paper on drunk drivers

A sample research paper on teens drunk driving apa style

Nevertheless, Victoria and her husband did not have anyone to stop them. They were drunk and decided to go to a store to get some more liquor. Their child was sitting on his mothers lap. I honked, and he threw a bottle at my windscreen. Almost half of those harmed pedestrians were drunk. Grigory Lashkevich, head of Investigation Committee Procedural Control Department of the Republic of Belarus: Some of them are just lying on the road. Leokadiya Klimyato, mother and grandmother of the deceased: She could just come and hug and kiss you. A friend of the family: I did not make it in time to tell them to stay at home.

Here you can see the last seconds of a whole family. A mother and two kids. This elderly lady who buried her daughter and two grandchildren on the same day can neither believe nor understand how this could happen.

Report on drunk driving
I had to drive. Andrey Shumilo, Minsk Frunzensky District traffic police warden of Minsk City Executive Committee: We got a call about a possible drunk driver. This mans driver license is revoked.
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